Guests from Macquarie University Visits HENU


On January 22nd, Ms. Nicole BRIGG, vice president of Macquarie University (MU), Australia, visited HENU. HENU vice president SUN Junjian met with the guests at the International Cooperation and Exchange Office.

SUN Junjian warmly welcomed Nicole BRIGG. He said that HENU and MU had established a good foundation for cooperation in the early stage. It was hoped that the two universities would take this meeting as an opportunity to gradually expand cooperation areas and deepen the level on the basis of existing cooperation, so as to make contributions to further strengthening the internationalization of both universities.

Nicole BRIGG affirmed the achievements and prospects of cooperation between the two universities. She said that HENU is one of the important partners of MU in China. MU hoped to further strengthen the contacts, implement the details of cooperation, and provide more platform channels for teacher-student exchanges between the two universities as soon as possible.

The two universities conducted in-depth discussions and reached preliminary consensus on specific cooperation issues, such as the Joint Brain Research Center of HENU and MU, exchange of teachers and students, foreign specialists, scientific research cooperation and the construction of English training bases.

After the meeting, Nicole BRIGG visited the Modern Architecture Complex in HENU Minglun Campus and School History Museum.