HENU Holds Appointment and Rowing Donation Ceremony of Jim ROGERS


On April 19th, the appointment and rowing donation ceremony of Jim ROGERS, a former partner of Quantum Fund, a world-renowned investor and professor of Finance, was held in HENU.

HENU vice president XU Shaokang warmly welcomed Prof. Rogers and affirmed his efforts in promoting rowing and its culture. XU Shaokang said that, like Chinese dragon boats, rowing was the manifestation and inheritance of water culture and the spirit of endeavor. HENU would take this donation as an opportunity to integrate rowing culture into HENU and strive to build our own rowing team.

In the witness of the guests on the spot, LU Keping awarded Jim ROGERS an honorary professor appointment certificate.

After the ceremony, ROGERS highly appraised China’s achievements since the reform and opening up. Talking about the development process of HENU, he affirmed the outstanding contribution made by HENU in exporting talents to the world since the period of Preparatory Schools for Studying in Europe and Americas, and looked forward that HENU could have more and more international talents.

On behalf of Henan University, HENU Chancellor LU Keping received donations and returned gifts.

After the ceremony, ROGERS brought a report entitled Rowing and Life to HENU students at the Concert Hall of the Conservatory of Music.