LU Keping Meets with Ian L. GEORGE


On November 20th, Ian L. GEORGE, president of George Wicks Limited, a famous football club operating company in Britain, and Ms. SUN Bo, vice president of China First Control Group Limited, visited HENU. LU Keping, HENU Chancellor, and XU Shaokang, HENU Party Committee member and vice president, met with the guests in 310 reception room of the administrative building of HENU Jinming Campus.

LU Keping briefly introduced the history of HENU and the basic situation of HENU International Football Academy that just established in May this year. He said that the establishment of HENU International Football Academy was in line with the national sports strategic layout and the development needs of campus football in Henan Province, and also conformed to the development trend of sports disciplines of HENU and the direction of its internationalization. He hoped that Ian L. GEORGE would promote exchanges and cooperation in football education and build a bridge among Loughborough University, Leeds Beckett University and HENU.

Ian L. GEORGE said that he would actively promote cooperation between HENU and British universities. Subsequently, Ian L. GEORGE and relevant personnel exchanged views on the training of international football professionals, football scientific research, football teacher training, innovation of football education model, etc.

During the visit, Ian L. GEORGE visited the History Hall at HENU Minglun Campus, HENU School of Physical Education and the International Football Academy.