Delegation from the University of Sydney Visits HENU


A delegation from the University of Sydney visited HENU on the morning of September 17. In the delegation, there are Luigi TOMBA, a director of Center for Chinese Studies of University of Sydney, Professor Roland FLETCHER, JIA Weiming, a senior researcher at the University of Sydney, and JING Zhichun, a University of British Columbia professor. Vice president SUN Junjian, who’s also a member HENU CPC party committee, met visitors at Jinming Campus.

SUN Junjian introduced the history and subject discipline of HENU. And he hopes to establish friendly cooperation, deepening links and promoting common development between the two sides.

ZHANG Ligang, dean of School of History and Culture, introduced its current status of academic building. He also recommended the cooperation situation with Israel and Byelorussia’s universities.

Luigi TOMBA introduced status quo of Center for Chinese Studies of University of Sydney, and said it carried on a multidisciplinary research for China’s culture. Thus he hoped he could understand the development situation of China’s multidisciplinary through cooperation with it.

Roland FLETCHER described urban archeology that he studied, and he intended to cooperative with experts of HENU in multidisciplinary fields.