HENU Holds a Series of Commemorative Activities in the Former Sites of Anti-Japanese War


At the time of 73rd anniversary of the victory of Anti-Japanese War, the cadres and teacher representatives headed by school leaders LU Keping and SONG Chunpeng visited the former sites of Anti-Japanese War of HENU and conducted ceremonies for uncovering monuments in Zhenping and Jinziguan of Nanyang, Jigongshan of XinyangandLuanchuan and Song County of Luoyang from August 30 to September 15. They also organized activities to cherish revolutionary martyrs there.

On July 7, 1937, the Anti-Japanese War broke out. In December of that year, Kaifeng became an area controlled by Japan. Thus HENU was forced to leave Kaifeng and moved to Xinyang Jigongshan, Nanyang Zhenping and Luoyang Luanchuan and Song County. Since May 1939, HENU has been running for 5 years in Tantou. And then 9 students and teachers in all were killed and 25 were missing as Japanese aggressors invaded Tantou in May 1944. In consequence of the aggression HENU had to move to Nanyang Jinziguan, Shanxi Hanzhong, Baoji and other places of China. It was not until the victory of the Anti-Japanese War that HENU returned to Kaifeng.