HENU Prof. SHI Bingyang Gets the Youth Project of 2018 National Key Research and Development Program


Recently, Ministry of Science and Technology officially announced the list of the “nanoscale science and technology” key special projects of the national key research and development program in 2018. The project “Precise Diagnosis and Treatment Technology and Application of the Brain Targeted Biomimetic Nanoscale Drugs” of HENU professor SHI Bingyang was announced as the youth project of the key special projects, which was the first time that universities in Henan province got the youth project of national key research and development program.

The project is led by Henan University, with professor SHI Bingyang as the project leader. It is funded by 2.75 million yuan and the implementation cycle is 5 years.

Prof. SHI Bingyang, young professionals of the “Thousand Talents Plan”, was appointed distinguished professor of HENU “climbing program” in 2016. As the central executive director, he set up HENU Joint Center for Biomedical Innovation (JCBI) collaborate with Macquarie University, which has successively got the title of “Henan Nanoscale Biomedicine International Joint Laboratory” and “Henan Bio-Nanomedicine Innovation and Intelligence Base”.