HENU Holds 2018 Commencements


On June 6th, the 2018 HENU commencement was held at the Grand Auditorium in HENU Minglun campus. All postgraduates of class 2018 attended the ceremony, which was chaired by Liu Zhijun, HENU vice president and member of the school Party committee.

Before the ceremony, the audience’s attention was focused on the 2018 postgraduate memorial video “Hard to Say Goodbye”. When the teachers in the red tutor’s suit went to the stage and sang “Three Hundred and Sixty-Five Blessings” with the students, the atmosphere went into the climax with applause and cheers.

HENU vice chancellor ZHANG Baoming read out the commendation decision, and LIU Xianxing, HENU vice president and member of the school Party committee, read out the degree award decision.

HENU President SONG Chunpeng set straight the tassels for the PhD graduates and overseas students, issued degree certificates to them. The school leaders and members of the academic degrees assessment committee set straight the tassels for the postgraduates and issued degree certificates to them.

On behalf of all the PhD graduates, QIN Xiaohui expressed her deep love to HENU. As the postgraduate representative, American student WEI Sili said “If you get knocked down, you just need to stand back up.” Ms. QI Shaoli, the parent representative of the postgraduates, thanked HENU and the teachers who worked hard to cultivate the students. Prof. WANG Hua on behalf of the postgraduate tutors hoped that the graduates would rationally experience and appreciate the joys and sorrows of life.

The warm words of HENU chancellor LU Keping touched all the graduates. He expressed his expectations for them: Firstly, change yourself first and then change the society; nest, stop complaining and take your responsibility; and thirdly, learn to sacrifice and then nurture great love.