Outstanding Chinese Mathematician Prof. ZHANG Yitang Gives Lectures at HENU


From July 5th to 7th, Prof. ZHANG Yitang, an outstanding Chinese mathematician from University of California-Santa Barbara, was invited to HENU for academic visit.

On the morning of July 6th, Prof. ZHANG Yitang made an academic report entitled “Trigonometric integrals and the Riemann zeta function”, which was presided over by WU Jie, a researcher at the National Centre for Scientific Research in France and the chair professor at HENU. ZHANG Yitang introduced the latest research progress on the zero point distribution of Riemann’s zeta function, and put forward three original questions about trigonometric integral. After the report, ZHANG Yitang talked with teachers and students of HENU School of Mathematics and Statistics.

Later in the afternoon, ZHANG Yitang made a public report on “My pursuit of mathematics”. LIU Xianxing, HENU vice president and member of the school Party committee, presided over the report. Through enumerating the development of Fermat’s theorem and the researches and improvements of mathematicians in various periods, ZHANG Yitang expounded the mystery of mathematical exploration. He reviewed his academic pursuits and experiences, and clearly showed the process of deciphering the Twin Prime Conjecture in the form of blackboard writing.

HENU chancellor LU Keping met with Prof. ZHANG Yitang and warmly welcomed him during his visit, inviting him to come to HENU for academic exchanges.

Prof. ZHANG Yitang is a legendary Chinese mathematician. He was born in Shanghai in 1955 and graduated from Peking University with undergraduate’s degree and master’s degree. In 1992, he received his doctorate degree from Purdue University. After years of frustrations and silence, in 2013, he published “Bounded Distance Between the Prime Numbers” inAnnals of Mathematics, the most prestigious journal in the world's mathematical circles. He reported his breakthrough in the study of twin prime numbers, shaking the international number theory circle and gaining a number of awards.