Number of HENU National Social Science Fund Projects ranks 20th in China


Recently, the National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Sciences announced the list of 2018 National Social Science Fund Projects. 33 projects of HENU were on the list, ranking 20th in China. The number of approved projects of HENU ranks the top of all universities in China for three consecutive years, which fully demonstrates the deep foundation and strong strength of our philosophy and social science research.

The approved projects are distributed in various disciplines, including 5 of Philosophy, 4 of Chinese History, 3 of Religious Studies, 3 of Management Science, 3 of Archeology, 2 of Chinese Literature, 2 of Foreign Literature, 2 of Law, 2 of Marxism-Leninism Social Science, 2 of Physical Education, 1 of Politics, 1 of Sociology, 1 of World History, 1 of Linguistics, 1 of Library and Information, and 1 of Philology.