Miami College of HENU Awards 280 Thousand Yuan Grants to the First Batch of Students Studying in the USA


On June 14th, Miami College of HENU held a farewell party for students who were going to study abroad in University of Miami in 2018. The farewell party was hosted by WANG Chuangfeng, vice chancellor of Miami College.

HENU Miami College vice president ZHAO Wei expressed his sincere congratulations and expectations for the students and made requests and suggestions for their future learning and life in the United States.Vice president WANG Xiaowei read out the decision to award the students study grants for studying abroad in the United States. The attending leaders awarded 280 thousand yuan per person to 5 students. On behalf of students going abroad, WANG Zihao of class 2016 expressed gratitude to the College for its training and offering grants. SONG Ci, student of class 2017, expressed congratulations to the seniors on behalf of the students at school. The teacher representative WANG Lin hoped that students would adapt to the life in the United States as soon as possible.

ZHAO Xinshun, chancellor and president of Miami College of HENU, encouraged students at school to follow the examples of the 5 students, striving for further study in the world’s first class universities and contributing to the development of Miami College and HENU.