HENU Carrys Out Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation


From June 3rd to 6th, the Education Department of Henan Province evaluation expert group carried out the undergraduate teaching diagnostic evaluation of HENU.

According to the requirements of “comprehensive inspection, independent judgment”, the expert group carried out comprehensive investigation and diagnosis of the undergraduate teaching through various forms, accurately grasping the overall situation of the undergraduate teaching of HENU.

The expert group highly appraised the achievements of HENU and gave full recognition to the undergraduate teaching. At the same time, they pointed out the existing problems and gave the correct direction of reform and constructive guidance.

HENU president SONG Chunpeng said that we would accept the opinions and suggestions from the experts, improve the quality of talent training and education in an all-round way, and speed up the pace of construction of the first class university.

HENU chancellor LU Keping expressed sincere thanks to all the experts for their hard and fruitful work.