Guests from Augusta University Visit HENU


From May 28th to 30th, Dr. David HESS, vice president of Augusta University and dean of the Medical College of Georgia, visited HENU. HENU president SONG Chunpeng and vice president LIU Xianxing met with the guests.

SONG Chunpeng said that HENU and Henan Province People’s Hospital are building HENU School of Medicine together. We attached great importance to the international exchange and cooperation of medical specialties, hoping to carry out cooperation projects in the medical fields such as communication among teachers and students, dissemination of intelligence, and scientific research.

LIU Xianxing mainly introduced the general situation of the construction of HENU School of Medicine.

David HESS said that Augusta University and the Medical College of Georgia had paid high attention to the international school-running. He would actively promote the cooperation and exchange in the medical fields between the two universities.

At the meeting, leaders of HENU International Exchange Office and HENU School of Medicine talked with the guests and reached a certain consensus.

David HESS visited HENU School of Clinical Medicine and gave lectures there.