Delegation from East Stroudsburg University Visits HENU


From May 13th to 20th, 18 teachers and students from East Stroudsburg University held a week long exchange study in HENU.

They listened to the lecture on the history and culture of China, having a deep exchange with HENU teachers and students around the university life, language learning and Chinese and American culture, enjoying the traditional music and Wushu performance, visiting the modern construction group, School History Museum and Cultural Relics Museum of HENU and historical and cultural relics of Henan Province.

The delegation was deeply impressed by the teachers and students of HENU, hoping to continue such activities in the future, further communicating with the teachers and students of HENU, deepening the friendship, and promoting exchanges and cooperation between the two universities.

Established in 1893, East Stroudsburg University has maintained many years of friendly and cooperative relations with HENU, having conducted exchanges and visits among teachers and students.