SONG Chunpeng Attends Editorial Board Meeting of New Phytologist in France


From April 10th to 13th, the 41stNew PhytologistSymposium “Plant Sciences for the Future” was held in Nancy, France, hosted by the world famous phytology journalNew Phytologist. More than 90 scientists from all over the world gathered together to exchange research results on the future of plant science. HENU president Prof. SONG Chunpeng and the executive deputy director of HENU Key Laboratory of Plant Stress Biology Prof. MIAO Yuchen were invited to the meeting and exchanged the latest research findings of the project group.

On April 14th, SONG Chunpeng was invited to attend the editorial board meeting as the editor ofNew Phytologistand a member of board of advisors. The members of the editorial board discussed the basic position of the journal and the main measures to ensure the quality of the journal. It is believed that the journal should be based on the basic and applied basic achievements of different fields of the plant science, striving to lead the future direction of the plant science.