HENU Teachers Publish Papers in International Top Journals


Recently, several teachers of Henan University published the latest progress in related research fields in international top journals. A series of new non-fullerene acceptors (NFAs) used for organic photovoltaics have been designed and prepared by the research team of Associate Prof. SONG Jinsheng and Prof. WANG Hua. The corresponding research studies have been consecutively published on Adv. Funct. Mater. (IF = 12.124) and Nano Energy (IF = 12.343). With the development of this novel dipyran ladder type building block (DTDP), excellent photovoltaic performances have been achieved by these new non-fullerene acceptors. In short, the study in this work not only provides a promise ladder-typed dipyran building block for conjugated materials, it might also contribute to the development of high performance solar cell devices.

Prof. ZHAO Yong’s group from Henan University has published one article in Chemical Society Reviews, which is entitled “Functional and stability orientation synthesis of materials and structures in aprotic Li-O2 batteries”. In this review, the insights on the present understanding the discharge/charge mechanism of battery is firstly provided, and the correlation between specific materials/structures of battery modules and their functionality/stability is shown within the recent progress of electrodes, electrolytes and redox mediators. The considerable emphasis is paid on the importance of functional orientation design and synthesis of materials/structures toward accelerating and sustaining the electrode reactions of Li-O2 battery. Moreover, the future directions and perspectives of rationally constructed material and surface/interface structure, as well as their optimal combinations are proposed for the enhancement of electrode reaction rate and sustainability, consequently the better performance and durability of battery.

Prof. CHENG Gang’s research group has made new breakthroughs in the study of electrical output modulation of triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG). A series of research results were published on Nano Energy (IF=12.343). On the basis of previous research, the project team has developed air discharge switches (Nano Energy, 2018, 44, 208-216) and electrostatic vibration switches (Nano Energy, 2018, 46, 220-228) for TENG. These methods provide important technical support for the preparation of multifunctional pulsed TENG and the development of high-performance self-powered sensing system.