Henan University Holds the 2018 New Year's Concert-English

Henan University Holds the 2018 New Year's Concert


On the evening of December 29th, the 2018 New Year's Concert of Henan University was held in the Grand Auditorium. The school leaders and representatives of teacher and student participated in the Concert.

HENU chancellor LU Keping presented his sincere wishes for the new year to everyone on behalf of Henan University. He said that in 2018, under the leadership of the Committee and Government of Henan Province, the University would forge ahead, develop and innovate, and push forward the new steps of the University’s various undertakings.

The Concert started in a happy and cheerful song Festival Overture. Male solo The Vagrant's Homesickness and female solo Maira Partita, Landscape and Song of Red Plum were impassioned and tactful; national orchestral ensemble Ode to the Sun - on the River, orchestra ensemble Second (Jazz) Waltz and percussion ensemble Wind Through Pines were lively and magnificent; orchestral ensemble Jasmine Flower, folk music small ensemble Love of Henan and Beijing song and performance Huadan; national opera Xiangyu Opera Troupe, dance Propitious Cloud and Crane, chorus Tiananmen the Sun Square and The conversion of Saul were various and brilliant. The concert was draped down in a high-spirited song The School Song of Henan University.