XIE Fuzhan Comes to Investigate HENU “Double First Class” University Construction Work


On the morning of November 29th, XIE Fuzhan, the Secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, arrived at Henan University to investigate the “double first class” university construction work.

XIE Fuzhan went to the State Key Laboratory of Cotton Biology and National Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Antibody Drug Development Research, seeing into the discipline construction, talent training, school achievements and other aspects of Henan University, listening to the report from HENU chancellor LU Keping and president SONG ChunPeng about the construction and development of HENU especially the first-class discipline construction.

After listening to the report, XIE Fuzhan pointed out that Henan University being selected as a “double first class” university was closely related to the overall upgrading of education level of Henan Province, the interests of hundreds of millions of people in the whole province and the overall development of Henan Province. We should further implement XI Jinping’s important thought of higher education development, seizing the important historical opportunities of building “double first class”university, intensifying efforts and speeding up our efforts, striving to achieve a historic leap in the cause of higher education in Henan Province.