5 Experts of HENU are Selected in the Fourth Batches of “Central Plains Hundred People Plan”


Recently, the list of the fourth batches of “Central Plains Hundred People Plan” of Henan Province was officially announced, HENU professor WU Shangwu and other 4 people were selected. Up to the present, there are 6 experts of HENU selected in the “Hundred People Plan” of Henan Province.

WU Shangwu, doctor in Statistics of Cornell University, USA, is currently a tenure-track distinguished professor of University of Florida Department of Biostatistics, USA.

YANG Hushan, doctor of Baylor Medical School, USA, is currently a tenure-track associate professor of Medical Cancer Department of Thomas Jefferson University Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, Principal Investigator (PI), and director of Circulating Tumor Cells Center Laboratory.

CHEN Junfeng, doctor in Organic Chemistry of University of Cambridge, is currently a full professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Department of Nanyang Technology University School of Physics and Mathematics in Singapore, chairman of Singapore Chemical Society, and HENU lecture professor of higher education of Henan Province.

CHEN Huaiyu, doctor in East Asian Religious History of Princeton University, is an associate professor of Arizona State University and life member of Clare Hall of University of Cambridge.

Wang Enru, doctor in Geography of University of Washington, is a tenure-track associate professor of North Dakota University School of Geography in the United States.