Delegation Led by Dr. Jörg BAGDAHN, President of Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in German Visits HENU


On November 28th, a delegation of 5 people led by Dr. Jörg BAGDAHN, president of Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in German and Dr. Rudolf LÜCKMANN, vice president of international affairs visited Henan University. HENU chancellor LU Keping and president SONG Chunpeng met with the guests. HENU vice president SUN Junjian and the guests made in-depth talks on the further enhancement of cooperation between the two universities.

LU Keping welcomed the guests, hoping that the cooperation between the two universities could be gradually upgraded and deepened to develop more outstanding talents.

Song Chunpeng congratulated the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences on becoming an “innovative university” in Germany, introducing Zhengzhou Longzihu Campus of HENU which was under construction.

Dr. Jörg BAGDAHN said that the two universities should further expand cooperation, conducting deep exchanges and discussions on teachers and students’ exchanges and scientific research cooperation. At the same time, he invited HENU school leaders to visit Anhalt University of Applied Sciences.

Anhalt University of Applied Sciences and HENU began to carry out joint sino foreign cooperative education project since 2004. The two universities have maintained long-term and stable cooperation relationship.