SONG Chunpeng Meets with Guests from Belarus-English

SONG Chunpeng Meets with Guests from Belarus


On the morning of September 26th, IGORI, president of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, ANADORI, dean of the Institute of Philosophy of Belarus, and WAJIMU, Belarusian State University principal assistant and director of the international cooperation department visited HENU. HENU president SONG Chunpeng and vice president SUN Junjian met with guests.

SONG Chunpeng said, in recent years, Henan University and many well-known universities in Belarus carried out various exchanges and cooperation projects, which had achieved remarkable results. We hoped to make joint efforts with Belarus partners to find out the direction, expanding actively, and further deepening exchanges and cooperation.

IGORI said that he brought a congratulatory letter of Belarus National Academy of Science on HENU 105th anniversary, hoping to conduct in-depth communication with Henan University in the cooperation of joint creation of high-level international research platform, with a view to achieving high-level international exchanges and cooperation between China and Belarus.

Commissioned by Sergei ABRAMOK, president of Belarusian State University, WAJIMU brought the congratulatory letter of Belarusian State University on HENU 105th anniversary. He said that the cooperative undergraduate education projects held by the two universities were regarded as the model of international education cooperation by Ministry of Education of the Belarus, hoping that the two universities could set up all-round cooperation platform, striving to achieve a broader, more frequent and more close cooperation.

SUN Junjian presided over the subsequent talks, conducting in-depth discussions with the guests on specific cooperation issues and reaching consensus on how to achieve substantive cooperation.