HENU School of International Education Holds the 15th Anniversary Educational Achievement Exhibition and the 2017 School Opening Ceremony


On September 28th, the opening ceremony of the 15th anniversary educational achievement exhibition of HENU School of International Education was held in the Grand Auditorium square. Peter DAWKINS, president of University of Victoria in Australia and HENU vice president SUN Junjian attended the opening ceremony.

SUN Junjian reviewed the history of international cooperative education of Henan University, fully affirming the efforts made by HENU School of International Education in fifteen years to build demonstration zone of international cooperative education and cultivate world-class high-quality innovative talents. Peter DAWKINS expressed his happy mood in attending the 15th anniversary celebration of HENU School of International Education in his speech, expressing his sincere congratulations to Henan University on getting the title of "double first class" construction university.

After the opening ceremony, HENU president SONG Chunpeng met with Peter DAWKINS. They discussed about the cooperative education projects of two universities, fully recognizing the achievements of the cooperation, expressing the will to further intensify cooperation and expand areas of cooperation, thus enabling more students to enjoy the benefit of international cooperation development.

After the talks, SUN Junjian and Peter DAWKINS attended the 2017 school opening ceremony of HENU School of International Education in the Grand Auditorium.