“Touching HENU” Awards Ceremony is Held in HENU


On September 25th, 2017, the day of the 105th anniversary of Henan University, the “Touching HENU” awards ceremony was held in the Grand Auditorium of HENU in the evening.

Before the ceremony, HENU chancellor LU Keping, president SONG Chunpeng and other school leaders had a cordial discussion with the “Touching HENU” award-winning people in the VIP room of the Grand Auditorium, and took a photo together.

The selection activities of “Touching HENU” were started in June this year. All the teachers, students and alumni at home and abroad actively participated in, and 69 candidates were recommended. Through careful selection by the organizing committee, 23 candidates became the people who won the “Touching HENU” award. The ceremony used the form of “Touching HENU” to commemorate the 105th anniversary of HENU, expressing the deep touch in teachers’ and students’ hearts.

The Future Network, NetEase Network, Dahe Client, Mammoth Client, Kaifeng Network, HENU Network, HENU micro-blog and many other online media live broadcast the ceremony.