HENU Holds 2017 Commencements


On June 6th, the 2017 HENU commencements for BA degree students was held in the Grand Auditorium Square. HENU leaders, teacher representatives and all the 2017 undergraduate graduates attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by ZHAO Guoxiang, HENU chancellor and vice chairman of the academic degree evaluation committee.

Liu Zhijun, HENU vice president and vice chairman of the academic degree evaluation committee, read out the relevant commendation decisions as well as the bachelor’s degree award decision. LOU Yuangong, HENU president and chairman of the academic degree evaluation committee, set straight the students’ tassels and issued the bachelor’ s degree certificates to the graduate representatives and then took pictures with them.

On behalf of all the graduates, ZHAO Shengsheng expressed heartfelt thanks to HENU, the school leaders, teachers and parents. WANG Ying, on behalf of all the students not yet graduate, sent the most sincere blessing to the graduates. On behalf of all the teachers, professor ZHAO Xinshun put forward the expectations to graduate students in learning, practice and knowledge, dreams, action and future, appreciation, mutual learning and sharing. He wished the graduates to make dreams as the power forward in the new journey of life, living up to the good times and creating a brilliant life.

HENU Chancellor GUAN Aihe gave the graduates a final subject lesson with the theme of dreams and beliefs. He said that every individual who was unwilling to mediocrity, every university that had responsibility and pursuit, and every nation that stood independently in the forests of nations of the world, had its own dreams. And the realization of every great dream depended on the support of faith. He taught graduates to have dreams, to adhere to the faith,to win the respect, development and success with extremely hard and bitter struggle.