LOU Yuangong Visits Three Universities in the United States and Canada


From May 22nd to 29th, at the invitation of University of Rochester, Augusta University in the United States and University of Calgary in Canada, HENU president LOU Yuangong made a friendly visit to these universities.

The group led by LOU Yuangong was warmly welcomed, having friendly talks with University of Rochester president Dr. Joel SELIGMAN, executive vice president Dr. Clark ROBERT, the dean of University of Rochester School of Medicine Dr. Mark TAUBMAN, Augusta University executive vice president Dr. Gretchen B CAUGHMAN, vice president Dr. David HESS, University of Calgary vice president of foreign affairs Prof. Janaka RUWANPURA. They visited the teaching hospitals and research laboratories of the universities, reaching a consensus about jointly establishing HENU School of Stomatology with University of Rochester.

LOU Yuangong introduced HENU to them about the situation of reform and development in recent years, especially the development of medical education reform and the future development ideas, inviting their experts, scholars and excellent students to HENU to exchange learning, positively helping HENU teachers and students to exchange study at these universities.