LOU Yuangong Attends the China-Belarus Presidents Forum


From June 26th to 29th, HENU president LOU Yuangong attended the China-Belarus Presidents Forum in Minsk, capital of Belarus. The theme of the forum was to create science and technology integration and new situation of innovation development of Chinese and Belorussian educational field of “The Belt and Road”. The Ministry of Education of China minister CHEN Baosheng, Belarus's minister of Ministry of Education Mr. KARPENKO and more than 30 Chinese and Belorussian universities attended the forum.

During the forum, under the witness of the Minister of Education of the two countries, HENU signed a joint postgraduate training agreement with Belarusian State University, and signed a student exchange agreement with National Information and Radio University in Belarus. Later, LOU Yuangong gave a speech with the theme of Deepening and Expanding Cooperation of Universities in China and Belarus Under the Background of “The Belt and Road”, which was praised by the delegates.

During the forum, LOU Yuangong visited the Belarus National Academy of Sciences, and talked with the dean RUSETSKIJ. The two sides signed a cooperation framework agreement. When visiting Belarusian State University, LOU Yuangong talked with its president Sergey V ABLAMEYKO about how to implement the agreement as soon as possible, welcoming him to visit HENU in September this year. LOU Yuangong also talked with more than 20 HENU students studying abroad at Belarusian State University, encouraging the students to be the bridge of friendship between the universities and people in China and Belarus. At National Information and Radio University in Belarus, LOU Yuangong visited the laboratory of information security, electronic information and new materials of the university.