Delegation from Kogakkan University Visits HENU


On June 12th, a delegation from Kogakkan University, which was led by vice president KAWANO Kunne, paid a visit to Henan University. HENU chancellor GAUN Aihe and vice president SUN Junjian exchanged cordial talks with the guests.

GAUN Aihe enjoyably recalled his two visits to Kogakkan University. He said that this year was just the tenth year of exchanging students from HENU to Kogakkan University since that the two universities carried out the “2+2” undergraduate cooperative project in 2008. He believed that with our joint efforts, the two universities would further deepen the friendship and the joint training of students would be fruitful.

KAWANO Kunne said that the exchange and cooperation between Kogakkan University and HENU had a long history. Kogakkan University was planning to add a department of modern Japanese studies next year, which would also recruit students from HENU. With more Chinese students studying here, they would try their best to change teaching methods so as to better enhance Sino Japanese exchanges.

After the talks, GAUN Aihe on behalf of HENU presented 10th anniversary souvenirs of cooperation and exchange between the two universities to Kogakkan University.