HENU Professor LI Xiaojian is Elected as Academician IEAS


A few days ago, news from the Inter-national Eurasian Academy of Sciences (IEAS) meeting of the presidium said that Professor LI Xiaojian, director of the Yellow River civilization and Sustainable Development Research Center and HENU School of Environment and Planning was officially elected as the Academician IEAS.

LI Xiaojian is one of the Chinese economic geography academic leaders, engaging in teaching and research of economic geography and regional development in the long-term, constructing the theoretical framework of economic geography with Chinese characteristics; establishing China's corporate geography; opening up the peasant household geography research; developing the small scale research directions of economic geography.

IEAS is an international scientific community composed of the world famous natural scientists, engineering technologists and management and social scientists that has more than 600 academicians, corresponding members and honorary commissioners from 46 countries and regions. There are over one hundred Chinese academicians now.