Secretary of Education CHEN Baosheng and Governor CHEN Runer Visit HENU


On April 15th, Secretary of Education CHEN Baosheng and Governor of Henan province CHEN Runer visited Henan University.

CHEN Baosheng and CHEN Runer visited the neoteric architectures, cultural relics museum, art education treasure room and history museum, learning the basic situation of HENU and the achievements in recent years, hearing the reports of some academic leaders of advantage disciplines and key research institutions. They affirmed the achievements of HENU and encouraged HENU to give full play to school discipline, intelligence and talent advantage, focusing on serving the national strategy, basing on economic and social development needs, actively participating in local economic and social development, enhancing and promoting the ability of HENU to serve the local economic and social development.

CHEN Baosheng, CHEN Runer and other leaders also visited ZHU Shaohou, WANG Wenjin and a number of experts and scholars of the venerable, telling them to take care of the body, wishing them to become more firm and happy with their families.