Matthew J. WILSON, President of University of Akron, Visits HENU


From April 28th to 29th, Dr. Matthew J. WILSON, President of University of Akron, visited HENU. HENU School leaders GUAN Aihe, LOU Yuangong and Sun Junjian met with Matthew J. WILSON.

HENU chancellor GUAN Aihe and Matthew J. WILSON jointly reviewed the development course of friendly cooperative relations between two universities over the past ten years, fully affirming the achievements of actively exchanges and cooperation.

LOU Yuangong said, the two universities have been successfully achieved the cooperative development situation from "handshaking" to "hand in hand", then to "embracing together", sincerely hoping that their friendship could last forever under the support of the new president Dr. Matthew J. WILSON. Matthew J. WILSON expressed thanks to HENU for its strong investment and support for Confucius Institute in teaching staff and curriculum construction. He believed that the two universities would realize deep exchange and cooperation of scientific research and teaching depth in law, chemistry, news and other related subject fields.

LOU Yuangong and Matthew J. WILSON renewed the agreement on exchange and cooperation respectively on behalf of the two universities. LOU Yuangong also issued a certificate of honorary professor of HENU to Dr. Matthew J. WILSON. HENU vice president SUN Junjian exchanged views with Matthew J. WILSON on exchange and cooperation points of two universities at the next stage.

During the visit, Matthew J. WILSON visited related units of HENU to give lectures, visits, exchanges and discussion with teachers and students.