Henan University Signed a Cooperation Agreement with the University of Windsor


On the afternoon of October 29, 2010, Henan University signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Windsor, Canada. Lou Yuangong, president of Henan University, Sandra Pupadino, Director of the Office of Ontario Economic Development and Trade, Chen Guozhi, Director of the Office of Culture and Tourism, Clinton Smith, vice-president of International Affairs at the University of Windsor and others attended the signing ceremony.

President Lou Yuangong addressed the delegation of the University of Windsor with a warm welcome speech and gave his sincere thanks to the representatives who contributed to promote the cooperation. Clinton Smith expressed the delight of the University of Windsor in cooperating with Henan University. He also elaborated on the specifics of the cooperation. Amid warm applause, Lou Yuangong and Clinton Smith signed officially the cooperation agreement on behalf of Henan University and Windsor University.