The Laboratory of Information Perception Fusion and Processing

Henan University,March 28, 2011

Located in Jinming Campus of Henan University, the Laboratory of Information Perception Fusion and Processing is affiliated to the School of Computer and Information Engineering and supported by the science and engineering—the first-level key discipline in Henan Province. It covers an area of over 100 square meters and is equipped with devices worthy of over one million yuan. The vigorous research team includes 12 researchers (10 are under 40 years old). Among them, 8 have senior professional titles and 7 have doctoral degrees. It covers studies of multi-sensor signal fusion and processing, online monitoring and fault diagnosis of complex system, retrieval and cognition of image flow, which are correlated with each other. By dissimilar sensor network, the study acquires accurate cognition method of environment and objects parameter, and then seeks for a data infusion theory of integrating above parameters effectively. On this basis, it explores the recognition and tracking techniques of complicated environment and objects state. After a period of groping, relatively obvious achievements have been made in the aspects of high-resolution location of broadband sound source, fault spreading mechanism of complex system and feature extraction of face image etc. So far, the laboratory undertakes 2 National Natural Science Fund Projects, 4 Provincial and Ministerial Projects, 1 young key teacher project of provincial universities, and 3 projects jointly developed by the provincial government and the Ministry of Education. The research funds accumulate up into nearly 1 million yuan. For almost one year, over 10 papers have been published and 5 papers have been accepted as EI research. Now, the laboratory is actively creating conditions to build "Collection and Processing Platform of Image and Voice Information". Besides, it has vigorously undertaken international communication by inviting experts to give lectures, and takes this as an opportunity to have cooperation with domestic large-scale enterprises and research institutes on transforming scientific results to productive forces.