Guests from University of Akron Visit HENU


On December 12th, Prof. RANSOM, vice provost of University of Akron, dean of William Honors College and director of Confucius Institute visited HENU. HENU vice president SUN Junjian met with the guests. 

SUN Junjian expressed his thanks to Prof. Lakeesha RANSOM for his support and help to the cooperation between the two universities. He hoped that the visit of Prof. Lakeesha RANSOM could bring new opportunities to broaden the scope of cooperation and improve the level of cooperation between the two universities.

Prof. Lakeesha RANSOM said, University of Akron attaches great importance to developing friendly cooperative relations with Henan University, and Confucius Institute gave a lot of help in promoting Chinese language and culture, helping University of Akron’s Chinese curriculum construction, providing scholarships for students interested in studying in China and other aspects.

After the meeting, Prof. RANSOM conducted in-depth discussions with the relevant personnel of HENU School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, School of Life Science, Key Laboratory of Plant Stress, School of Law and other units, and reached a number of consensuses on the joint training of students, teacher’s exchange and so on.