LOU Yuangong Visits Finland and Israeli Universities


In this early December, at the invitation of East Finland Provincial Government of Finland, Southeast Applied Science and Technology University of Finland, Organic Food Research Center of University of Helsinki and University of Haifa and Ben Gurion University in Israel, a delegation led by HENU President LOU Yuangong carried out a friendly visit to the above institutions and universities.

In Southeast Applied Science and Technology University of Finland, the delegation received a warm reception from Jyrki KOIVIKKO, the chairman of the board, and the new president Heikki SAASTAMOINEN. The two sides introduced the general situation of the two universities, and expressed the intention to carry out substantive international exchanges and cooperation. President Heikki SAASTAMOINEN hoped that when visiting HENU in the spring semester of 2017 with a delegation, the two universities could sign the substantive cooperation agreement.

In Mikkeli, the capital of East Finland Province, Finland, LOU Yuangong met with Tomi HEIMONEN, the minister of Commerce, Reform and Development Department of South Savo Area Affairs Commission. At Organic Food Research Center of University of Helsinki, LOU Yuangong had a cordial conversation with center director Pirjo SIISKONEN.

In Israel, LOU Yuangong visited Haifa University, Ben Gurion University and Desert Agricultural Development Center of Israel, and conducted in-depth discussion with the relevant personnel respectively. The two sides carried out substantive discussions around the exchange of scholars, student exchanges, foreign students training, scientific research platform construction and other matters and reached a number of cooperation consensus.

During his visit, LOU Yuangong also visited the students of HENU in Israel, and conducted a friendly consultation with Ms. Carice WITT, the chairman of Sino-Israel Global Network of Leadership (SIGNAL) in Tel Aviv.