The Party Secretary and President

Henan University,2011-04-13

Guan Aihe

Resume of Pro. Guan Aihe

Guan Aihe, male, born in Ru Nan, Henan Province, in Sep. 1956. Master of Arts, Professor of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Ph.D. superviser, and Party Secretary of Henan University. Used to serve as Vice-President, President of Henan University. Now concurrently serves as Vice-Chairperson of Modern Chinese Literature Association and Chairperson of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature Historical Materials Association. Undertook 11 National Social Science Fund Projects, and published more than 50 academic thesis in China Social Science. Successfully published more than 10 monographs, including Tong Cheng School and May Fourth New Literature, From Classical to Modern, The Sinking of the Solemn, Chinese Literature History of the 19th and 20th Century, etc. Selected Distinguished Expert of Henan Province in 1993, and started to receive National Special Government Allowance in 1999. Elected the deputy of the 11th National People's Congreess。

Lou Yuangong

Lou Yuangong Brief

Professor Lou Yuangong, male, born in Yuan Yang County, Henan Province in April, 1957, PhD, doctoral candidate supervisor. Committee member of the 11th CPPCC, Vice Chairman of China Democratic League, Henan Provincial Committee, President of Henan University, consultant in Rural Area Issues for the 12th 5 Year Strategy, distinguish expert of Henan Province, Vice Director of China Food and Material Flow Researching and Training Center, Executive Director of China Marketing Association, Vice Chairman of Henan Province Economics Society, Vice Chairman of Henan Province Food Industry Association, Vice Chairman of Henan Province Administrative Control System Reform and Organization Administration Research Society. Professor Lou, specializing in the academic fields of National Food Security and Material Flow Administration, with serious researching attitude, substantial researching results and clear working strategy; with pioneering spirit and internationalized school administrating vision, is a leader expert and scholar President.